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VOI proudly announced that it has acquired NNH Enterprise in January of 2005.

From 1985 - 2005

NNH Enterprise provided North American organizations; large, medium, and small, with common sense management information consulting services. NNH Enterprise was a sole proprietorship.

From 1982 - to Present

Valuation Opinions, Inc. offers Informational Support Services to electronics, construction, aerospace, software, energy, environmental, ordnance, and communications industries.

VOI keeps abreast of the latest developments in project management disciplines for our clients in the business world by direct personal interface with innovators in the management sciences.

VOI also keeps abreast of the latest development in the personal computer (both software and hardware) industries.

Companies that benefited from out sourcing VOI:

Sundstrand Aerospace Division; Contel Federal Systems; MNO Corporation: Unisys Defense Products Group; Harris Government Systems; Harmony Real Estate; Sundstrand Power Systems Division; Blase Electric Incorporated; Micro Turbo, North America; PRB Incorporated; Imaging Automations Inc; Donovan Engineering and Construction Company; Wry Metal; United Technologies; and Paramax Systems, Canada.