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Internet and Intranet Support Services

Valuation Opinions specializes in the implementation of Client/Server applications and emphasizes use of web intranet development methodology while also focusing on planning, data analysis and business process redesign. In early 1996, VOI added Internet/Intranet application design and implementation to its list of services. VOI specializes in Database-linked, dynamic-enabled desktop solutions.

Information Management

Valuation Opnions many innovative enterprise-wide solutions in many sectors and industries. The primary focus of VOI is on meeting the client's needs by providing expertise in the area of integrated systems. While most focus on "making it pretty", VOI is more concerned with making it work.

PC Training and Support Services

VOI specializes in Client/Server Computing on a broad range of platforms. We believe in working with what is already in place and making it work together. VOI provides area businesses with quality PC support services which include:

VOI provides area businesses with Personal Computer hardware and software support and training.

Hardware and Software support;

- Software - Operating systems experience include MS DOS, Windows, OS/2 , and Macintosh Operating Systems. VOI also provides software training on dozens of business applications. VOI specializes in secure web based Intranet solutions running utilizing Javascript, CSS, HTML, Acrobat, Apache, Lasso, MySQL, Filemaker Pro, and PHP.

- Hardware - Certified Computer Technician will help with on site Hardware installation: Monitors, Hard drives, Cache Cards, Graphic Cards, Ethernet Cards, network cables, SIMMS, Scanners, InkJets, LaserPrinters, Plotters, Fax, Firewalls, Switches and Hubs, Networks, Macintosh PCs, IBM and IBM compatible PCs, and Digital PCs.