June 2010

Tour de Cure

06/13/2010 20:00:00 by Administrator

SeeMore Completes the Tour de Cure

Most importantly:
SeeMore, the Rear Admiral, and I would like to thank everyone who donated to American Diabetes Association's TourdeCure. Our team, Boettchers at Heart raised over $10,000 dollars which will be used in the fight to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

The 100K ride
SeeMore headed out in the Maine fog, with about 90 riders (our guess) from Kennebunk High School at 8:00 am Sunday morning. Through out the ride we remained at the end of the pack, happily deferring to sleek road bikes and fit spandexed riders. SeeMore is built for touring NOT SPEED and we soon found ourselves happily settled in at the end of the line.

What a beautiful ride, fog or no fog!!! We headed through West Kennebunk on a large circle towards Wells, mostly on very quiet back roads. After the first check in (about 15 miles) we followed route 109 as it merged with route 1. Route 1, as expected, was very busy but the cars were kind. It was really a very short ride (2 miles?) and then we turned towards the ocean. We then took the road along Kennebunk Beach towards the second check in. Ocean views, quaint cottages (well some were huge), downtown Kennbunk Port, birds and flowers were the sights and smells that kept our minds occupied. We successfully passed the Bush compound without George and Barbara asking for a ride on SeeMore then headed inland.

We refueled at check point number three (40 miles down!). Back along the coast again. Mary and I both filled up with oranges, pretzels, and cliff bars but did not take the short ride down to the point. There is supposed to be great views but the TourdeCure volunteer recommended that we visit another day as the view was non existent through the fog today. We think the weather was a blessing in disguise, no sun burn or heat exhaustion to worry about today. Temperatures were perfect for riding, in the low 70s.

The rest of the ride took us through through quiet back roads, returning once again to Kennebunk High School and a fantastic BBQ supper.

A special thank you to Linda Lambert (team captain) of Boettchers At Heart for inviting us on their team. This is the 15th year that Boettchers At Heart has ridden the Tour de Cure. Finally, another thank you to our daughter Kate for her support and help.

SeeMore, Mary and Noel