25th Anniversary Tour - Day 36

07/22/2006 15:49:38 by Administrator

From: Stanley, North Dakota
To: Williston, North Dakota
Mileage: 71

Congratulations Allison and Chaz, just think in 25 years you might be on your own tandem heading on an adventure! We miss you, and wish you the very best!

Many people have asked us how easy is it to find a powder room for the Rear Admiral as we journey into the land of no services. I hope the above photo explains it all (it even matches the color of the SeeMore)!

For those of you reading along, Joyce's Cafe opens at 6:30 on Saturday morning, and we arrived with the first group of locals. Joyce is a very nice lady, but a tad bit deaf. I asked her what size her pancakes came in. She said she would cook them any size that I wanted. So I said two plate size would be nice. Ten minutes later I got two PLATTER size pancakes, the biggest pancakes I've ever seen! Yes they were delicious and no I did not finish them!

After sharing stories with the locals at Joyce's cafe we departed Stanley knowing that the wind would not be our friend today. 4.5 hours later we pulled into Ray North Dakota's town park for a picnic lunch under their pavilion. We had only traveled 32 miles, with 40 more to go. Route 2 had wide shoulders, the North Dakotan drivers are awesome, it was hilly, we climbed in and out of valleys all day, but the real kicker was the headwind.

You know it's blowing straight at you when the wind is blocking both ears, and your ability to communicate with the Rear Admiral. We pedaled on many down hills that we normally would have flown down. For some reason, our spirits remained high and we had bonus of a crosswind the last 15 miles into Williston as we turned south on route 2.

Laundry tonight, and we are going out to eat. . . .tonight the restaurant will lose money, if they have a buffet!