25th Anniversary Tour - Day 59

08/14/2006 04:37:13 by Administrator

From: Burlington, Washington
To: Bay View, Washington
Mileage: 8

Bitter Sweet, because all journeys have an ending. We had a very short ride today. Yet another gorgeous day, blue skies and temperatures in the high 70's. We decided to finish our journey at Bay View State Park because Noel's Mom and Dad came from Texas to meet us (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!) and we wanted a quiet place for reunion. We can not thank Mom and Dad enough for being there at the finish, it was so much appreciated!

Not much to report, the traffic was pretty busy until the last 2 miles of the ride. The people on the west side of Washington state are boxed in by the mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west; so there is a lot of people and cars but not many quiet roads!

We had one more hill, and before the hill, yes there was another cornfield for viewing. We were also looking for red winged blackbirds and morning doves, the other two common sights along our cycling tour across the US. One last logging truck passed us as we climbed the last hill, one last hand wave.

Mom and Dad had a long ride up from Westport Washington, so we had time for talking, reflecting and having SeeMore's photo taken with his wheel in the ocean. We unpacked everything, and took inventory and repacked things for traveling home.

We dropped off SeeMore at Skagit Cycle Center, we are a little nervous about his trip home, which will be delayed 5 days because they are very busy. We are in Westport for a couple of days, enjoying being with Mom and Dad, and the ocean.