North to South Tour - Day 1

06/25/2008 04:37:13 by Administrator

From: Leduc, Alberta
To: Leduc, Alberta
Mileage: 0

We first want to say some "Thank You"s, we have done them in person, but we hope that mentioning here, were anyone and everyone can read them would a little bit more importance to them.

We would like to thank DECCO (the Rear Admiral's company) for yet again letting her escape for a couple of months. We would like thank Katelyn for watching the house and the cat during the summer, and hope you get a lot more backpacking in before returning to school. We would like to thank the Nadeau's for giving Sammy a summer at the lake. We would like to thank Ted Wojcik for SeeMore's operation. SeeMore is better than ever, thanks to the skilled hands of Ted. We would like to thank Bob at Souhegan Cycle Works who packed SeeMore into one box, just an incredible job! Finally we would like to thank Noel's new school Memorial Elementary in Bedford for the new adventure that awaits him, and for understanding about our trip.

I need to finally thank all of my friends (both retired and active) for 11 enjoyable years at Milford Elementary. I have been truly blessed, and I will be indebted to you for the rest of my life. The multitude of cards, gifts, letters, hugs and we wishes really humbles a person. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- - - - - - - - - -

Bad Omens?

  1. Looking at your departure screen at the airport, and your flight is NOT listed.

  2. Getting to the gate, and your flight shows delayed, but the counter person says it isn't true.

  3. Reading the headlines in USA today, announcing that your airline - United has just announced major layoffs.

  4. Finally seated in the airplane, only to be stranded for 2 hours while they try to fix the commode.

  5. Having a bad head cold, and the last 25 minutes of BOTH flights reduce your hearing to zero in the right ear, and 10 percent in the left.

  6. Arriving at Edmonton airport, and watching all the other passengers walk away with their luggage while you can't find your back pack containing tools, tent, sleeping bags etc.

Since we don't believe in bad omens, Everything happens for the best... We are staying at the Budget Western hotel where the manager has been very kind to us, her husband lent us his tools to put SeeMore back together while we waited (our tools are in Bertha our large backpack). The manager of the Budget Western held a room for us tonight just in case we didn't get the rest of our stuff from the airlines. We've had a quiet day reading and building SeeMore and test riding.

We finally received (got word) that around 5 pm the airline found Bertha the MIA backpack, the hotel shuttled Mary back to the airport to pick it up and were able to finish the last finishing touches to make SeeMore whole again. We decided to stay in Leduc for one more night, seeing that is was 6:00 p.m., when our lost backpack, Bertha, finally walked through the hotel door.

All in all were off to a pretty good start thanks to all of our support.