North to South Tour - Day 33

07/27/2008 13:00:00 by Administrator

From: Lamont, Wyoming
To: Rawlins, Wyoming
Today: 43 miles - 1847 miles total

We got up in time to notice Grandma drive her van from the house to the cafe (a distance of 50 yards, maybe). With the Prince of Wales II down, and SeeMore packed and loaded up for the day, we sheepishly walked into the cafe. Grandma's cafe (we think it's the only building in Lamont) has never been visited by the Wyoming Board of Health. Grandma's, son (smoking) and Grandpa spent the time we were there reading the newspaper...and not talking to each other. We ordered pancakes, Grandma is an ok cook, she just doesn't know anything about washing dishes. We are very thankful that they let us set up camp behind the cafe, we got to met her grandson, and got to play with the boxers......

More of the same as yesterday. Except that 287/789 (after Muddy Gap) is a major truck route between Casper and Rawlins. The ride was not very quiet. We climbed over the Continental Divide (our tenth for this trip), the elevation was 7174. We made it into Rawlins, where we spent the morning exploring this city of 9000 people. Rawlins was built because of the Union Pacific Railroad. We had chocolate shakes, and root beer floats at a restaurant on the far west of town, and are now at the Comfort Inn at the far east of town. As I type this, the Rear Admiral is asleep (it is 1:30 in the afternoon). We have both had a mentally challenging ride, since we left Dubois. We have at least one more day of Wyoming, and that includes a 13 mile jaunt on Interstate 80. We are looking forward to seeing trees again! Maybe in a couple of days.