2009 Erie Canal - Day 5

07/09/2009 10:00:00 by Administrator

Newark, NY
Brockport, NY
Chili, NY
72 miles

Perfection - a cloudless day, gentle wind, tempertures in the high 70s, great riding partners, and friendly canal users!

The Quality Inn of Newark is on the Canal Trail, and we rode the canal trail all day, from Newark to Brockport. The people who live in this section of New York have a really treasure. The Real Admiral and I have ridden this section a number of times, and we will never get tired of it.

We had breakfast at the Newark Diner where our waitress was also the cook, and the cashier. For 13 dollars (including tip), all three of us were taken care of with great service and full bellies (Greg ordered the Belly Filler). Then it was time to hit the trail. Lots of wild flowers, blue heron and other birds, bunnies, and boats were viewed from the semi shaded trail. We had a beautiful, but almost uneventful ride....like being in a great day dream....and not wanting to wake up.

Outside of Fairport we spotted a man coming up the trail, with what looked like a small dog running away from him, towards us, about 50 yards away. I was thinking that when we got closer, I would get off of SeeMore and try to catch this runaway puppy for the owner. About 50 feet from us, this "dog" turned sideways, then vanished into the tall grass to our left...but just as it was escaping we learned that it was not a dog, but a red tail fox. Then outside of Pittsford we noticed a female jogger walking a tall light brown "dog". She wasn't actually walking this dog, as she was leading the dog. She would jog to the left, and the "dog" would follower her to the left, then she would jog to the right, and the dog would follower her to the right. What a good dog, right? Until we saw the panic on the joggers face, and the fact the "dog" was actually a very large deer. As soon as the deer saw SeeMore...it disappeared into the tall grass. The woman was thankful to see us, she could get rid of that deer!

We had lunch at Spencerport, and after a brief after lunch nap at the canal's edge, then we rode to our ending point which was Brockport. A visitor to New York could spend a couple of hours visiting these two towns (Brockport and Spencerport)! This tour ended by following the trail back to Spencerport and then taking a series of roads to Greg's beautiful home in Chili. All three touring cyclist had a GRAND adventure!