Silver Comet Trail

04/06/2012 16:00:00 by Administrator

Floyd Rd, Austell GA westward
then returning eastward
48 miles

Silver Comet Trail

While visiting the Atlanta area, the Silver Comet Trail is a MUST ride for any cyclist. The Silver Comet Trail is a converted Rails-to-trails ride. We started at the Floyd Road parking lot about 4 miles from the start of the trail in Syrma, Ga. The trail runs 61 miles, all the way to the Alabama-Georgia State line. There it connects with the Chief Ladiga Trail. This connection forms a trail which will go from Atlanta, GA, to Anniston, AL, or a distance of about ninety (90) miles. This trail is in the Rails to Trails hall of fame, and it belongs at the top, on our lists of rails-to-trails.

We spent the night in the Walmart parking lot, about a half mile from the trail. According to our iPhone app, your allowed to stay overnight at this Walmart. But we like to check. So I went inside and tracked down the assistant manager and asked permission. He informed me that I need to ask the security officer who rides in a white small pickup truck, keeping things in order in the parking lot. After flagging her down, I asked if it was ok to park overnight in the parking lot. She said I was to ask the manager inside of Walmart. I kept my mouth shut, feeling that my diligence was complete, and all had a restful night. It was an overcast day, with temperatures only reaching the upper 60s. The trail was in GREAT shape, and well used. We rode westward for 24 miles, with Sammie in tow, before making a U-turn and heading back easterly to the parking lot. There are many little admiral facilities as you ride, until you get past the Rambo parking area . . . then things get a little remote. The Silver Comet is mostly tree lined, but there are so many spring flowering shrubs and trees, birds, bridges, and parks to hold you interest. We did not see very many wild animals, a couple of bunnies was all.

After our U-turn, and we think we were in the town of Dallas, we stopped at Aubrey's restaurant. It is down a hill and across a major route. It was, by far, one of the worst meals we have had cycling. Period. Everything was either fried or taken directly out a tin can, and warmed up. The soda dispenser didn't work correctly, the portions were small (thank goodness for little favors). But the most interesting aspect of this dining experience was that Aubrey's was very busy!

It is a sin not to be able to eat well on a long cycle ride, after all food is why we ride! Again, come and enjoy the Silver Comet Trail?but find a different place to eat!