Pittsburgh to Mount Veron - Day 1

04/25/2003 14:29:18 by Administrator

From: McKeesport, PA
To: Ohiopyle, PA
Mileage: 63

We started by picking up Mary after work at 4:00 pm on Friday April 25. Dustin drove from Milford until Manchester CT where we had dinner at Country Buffet. If you dine there, watch out for the extra baking soda in the carrot cake. While I slept for about 2 hours, Mary drove to New York until I took over and drove the remainder of the way to Greenville PA. We arrived at the Greenville Walmart (no thanks to the mapquest instructions) at about 4:00 am. Mary cat napped and Katelyn kept me company until about 3:00. We found a nice quiet dark corner of the large parking lot, and slept until 6:30. I was ready to go. After a quick shopping trip (batteries, map, and newspaper) we headed for the starting point at McKeesport PA and had breakfast. Dustin and I left at a little past 8:00am to travel to Dawson (39 miles) via the Youghiogheny river trail. It was gray and cloudy. We had a couple of downpours and the temperature was in the low 60s. Mary and Kate took the motor home on an adventure through PA. Passing through rural coal towns which were very clean but not very prosperous. We were to meet at O'Neil's pizza at 120 Garry road. . No matter if it was an empty parking lot or not, for lunch. Well it was an empty parking lot so we agreed to meet downtown in Connellsville, PA. Dustin and I finished the morning ride at 46 miles averaging 12.5 MPH.

For lunch we had pizza and a steak bomb at Pepper's Pizza (Great food!). Then Katelyn and I rode 17 miles from Connellsville to OhioPyle RR station. Averaging 10 MPH. Both rides were full of wild life (hundreds of bird-> cardinals and robins being the most popular.) rabbit, muskrat, groundhogs. The cherry blossoms where out along with dogwoods, and wild orchids, blue bells, violets, and multitude of other wild flowers. So many colors and smells ( like wild onions). Waterfalls, long trains, rock formation, kyackers, white water rafters, and fishermen were some of the sights. We met about 40 people on the 64 miles of trail. Hard packed crushed limestone surface about 6 feet wide in most areas. Dustin and I came across a large sinkhole near the beginning, which we had to steer around. Mary rested her leg for another day. Putting macho man stuff aside, I feel very good. I have a little soreness in my left side of my back, but stretching at all breaks, and a mixture of orange Gatorade and magnesium tablets keeps the energy level high. We camped at Scarlet Knob campground (private) in Ohiopyle because Sammie was not allowed into the state campground. At 38 dollars a night, it was a rip-off with nasty restrooms and cold showers. The Long trestle bridge right before the Ohiopyle RR station was a lot of fun to cross on bikes.