Michigan - Day 1

07/22/2007 03:51:11 by Administrator

From: Greenville, Michigan
To: Edmore, Michigan
Mileage: 35

The Fred Meijer Heartland Trail is located in lovely, rural Montcalm and Gratiot Counties, in the heart of central Michigan. The trail winds its way north through farmland and wooded State Game areas, taking the traveler through the picturesque towns of Greenville, Sidney, Stanton, McBride, and Edmore. At Edmore, the trail turns east and leads through Cedar Lake and Vestaburg, entering Gratiot County where the trail goes through Riverdale and ends 2.5 miles east at Bliss Road. Along its length, it crosses several creeks and one river. Of particular interest, south of Stanton, is the 120-year-old historic bridge that spans Fish Creek.

The Heartland Trail (as it was known in the late 80?s) is paved for about 15 miles (starting near Greenville) and turns into packed dirt northeast of McBride. SeeMore tried to continue onto the non paved trail, but made it only a couple of miles because the trail was too soft. It was very quiet, and there was parking and some port-a-johns. It was a real pleasure to ride, and if you are in the area...we highly recommend enjoying it. The beginning of the trail (near Greenville) was a little hard to find, and there is limited parking.