Around Lake Champlain - Day 6

07/04/2004 05:43:30 by Administrator

From: Port Henry, New York
To: Whitehall, New York
Mileage: 44.10

Dustin called, and Kate does have strep. We got the news after coming back from Emil's for dinner. Emil's is an ice cream stand and we had the first really "unhealthy" meal of the trip. I had the Biggy Ziggy cheeseburger and Mary had the Michigan which is a combo of Sloppy Joe and hotdog. We shared curly fries and had milk shakes also! Broke camp early around 6:00 and was greeted to another pretty day. We knew we had a lot of hills left, but we also have a lot of beauty. Stayed on Route 22 most of the day, with only one ventures off to try route 2 and go through Putnam New York. Had breakfast at Jakes in Crown Point (there was a nice private campground there also). Mary had the lumberjack special. I had her ham and pancakes. Saw plenty of wildflowers, a large flock of wild turkeys with youngsters, heron, osprey, and other birds. Stopped for a Gatorade in Putnam at Wilbur's Grocery Store. As I sat in the rocking chair in front of the store, Mary asked me if I was "dogging it". I didn't answer her because the truth was "a little". The last day of a ride is always bitter sweet. We finished the last 17 miles back into Whitehall with hills and conversation.