Preface - Delaware

04/22/2005 05:51:00 by Administrator

Mary (the Rear Admiral) wanted me to be sure to provide the following advice for touring the state of Delaware on a bicycle. If you're new to bike touring, or are looking for a spring warm-up after a long winter, we suggest riding and touring Delaware. The bicycle maps you get from the state are fantastic. The route and the streets are well marked, and if you make a wrong turn, it is very easy to correct. You can ride on roads that are busy, but have wide breakdown lanes/bike lanes or you can just choose quiet country roads with little, very little, traffic on them. Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Campgrounds, Restaurants, and Food Stores are easily found if you are looking for them. There are numerous bike shops for repairs and such. Warning: Delaware is FLAT, you've been warned.