Delaware - Day 2

04/24/2005 05:55:08 by Administrator

From: Glasglow, DE
To: Dover, DE
Mileage: 49.7

Our plan was to leave the car parked at the state park ranger's office but he said it would be a liability, so we went to the State Police barracks in Glasgow and were allowed to park it there. This was our first tour with "SeeMore" (our Rans recumbent tandem). So after we loaded up the panniers, backpack and stuff sack, we spent a couple of minutes taking laps around the parking lot. Everything felt good, so we headed out for breakfast on route 40. Within a mile or so, we found a Friendly's where the Rear Admiral had her usual Lumberjack special (2 pancakes, 2 eggs, sausages or bacon strips). Mary is only 5'4'' and maybe 112 pounds. So watching her put this away is amazing! After our breakfast, we started our ride at 44 degrees F and it only reached 52 for that day. Normal temperatures for April in Delaware is about 65 degrees. We had either headwinds or crosswinds of 20 mph all day long. It was overcast, and threaten rain, but that threat held off until we were safely in our hotel room in Dover, Delaware. Even with the wind, we had a great day of riding. The highlight was downtown Odessa, a small quaint town of different architectural style buildings. We followed mostly RTE 9, which runs along the eastern side of Delaware. We stopped at the Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area and took the trail into the marsh. Saw Egrets, muskrats, hawks, blue herons, sand pipers, turkey vultures, red wing Black birds, and cardinals to name a few. SeeMore, our Ran's tandem behaved himself for the most part, but towards the end of the day we had an argument about who would control of the rear V brakes. He won, so I disconnected them for the last 5 miles. I fixed them when we got to the hotel. We really didn't need them, I have front V brakes and the Rear Admiral has a rear disc brake; add to that the flatness of Delaware and you can see we were not in any trouble. I will replace the brake cable when I get home. We held up at the Red Roof Inn tonight because of the rain. We just came back from the family diner next door which had a piece of chocolate three layer cake that had my name on it.