25th Anniversary Tour - Day 19

07/05/2006 04:05:18 by Administrator

From: Manitowoc, Wisconsin
To: Wrightstown, Wisconsin
Mileage: 59

To celebrate our first century ride, we slept in! We did not get going until 9:30, which is Central Standard Time (our bodies thought it was 10:30!). We rode to the Wal-Mart and picked up some supplies, then off to breakfast (at 11:00?). The Rear Admiral and I consumed large quantities of food.

Wisconsin, here we come; which she greeted us with very rolling terrain. It seemed like we rode more up more hills then we rode down today (or that is what our bodies were saying). All day long, dairy farms, and farms that supply the dairy cows with food painted our landscape. And*. just a footnote here, with all of those cows and dairy going on we had lots and lots of "country fresh air" as grandma calls it. Sometimes the wind is a blessing in disguise! Despite all of the great odors, by the time we climbed into Wrightstown, we were starving and DONE!

I am trying real hard not to eat at any restaurant chain, but there was only a Subway on this side of the Fox River in Wrightstown, and looking down road there was a huge hill to climb (which we just sailed down), AND WE WERE STARVING. Yucky pooh, it was Subway or that hill. . Subway or that hill . . . . The Rear Admiral doesn't mind Subway, but she was NOT going to go back and ride up that hill! So Subway won, and I lost. Tomorrow we are going to get back to our NO restaurant chain food policy, which will be pretty easy because these next few miles look extremely rural!

The Adventure Cyclist maps did an excellent job with the route today. We only had two roads (one heading out of Manitowoc which was a four lane highway and no shoulder and the other heading out of Wrightstown was a very busy county road with no shoulder. Other than those two, we had the roads to ourselves.