25th Anniversary Tour - Day 20

07/06/2006 04:06:56 by Administrator

From: Wrightstown, Wisconsin
To: Tilleda, Wisconsin
Mileage: 85

Mary- transitioning from RV camping to tent camping is a bit of an adjustment for me. Oh lets face it this whole trip has put me squarely out of my comfort zone. I'm hanging in there though and having a great time. Tonight the campground/bar we're at has quieted down, the revelers just departed via a giant hay wagon pulled by a tractor. I've seen hay wagon rides in campgrounds before but generally they are for the kids. This wagon ride was full of very "happy" middle-aged folks (one of whom mooned us as he rode by???) Wisconsin is a very unique place so far, but I've only seen the woods. Noel has promised me a city tomorrow with flushing toilets and beds.

We had breakfast at the We Cook diner in beautiful downtown Shiocton (population 954, maybe). From Shiocton we picked up route 187 which turned into county road K then county road CCC then county road CC into Shawano. This was a GORGIOUS ride with the highlight for today, a bald eagle sighting!

Noel - We were riding along when I looked over into a small field. I could see this very mature and very large bald eagle in the field not more than 25 yards from SeeMore. Mary and I both thought it was someone's lawn ornament. He was just too perfect. Seeing his yellow beak, I finally couldn't contain myself any longer and pointed my finger and yes, shouted, "Look at THAT!" as the Rear Admiral was reaching for the camera, but it was too late, I had spoiled the Kodak moment.

That excitement wisked us into Shiocton where we had a picnic lunch in the park. After lunch we rode the Mountain Bay State Recreation Trail. Hard packed gravel, the trail was a pleasure to ride on.

Tonight we are at the Tileda Falls Campground, and our tent is set up next to the falls. Hopefully we will have a quieter night (but see Mary's note above). Tomorrow we are going to divert from the Adventure Cycling map. We want to finish the Mountain Bay State trail into Wausau; from there we will try to plot ourselves across Wisconsin.