25th Anniversary Tour - Day 21

07/07/2006 04:09:03 by Administrator

From: Tilleda, Wisconsin
To: Wausau, Wisconsin
Mileage: 48

We're in the Big City, living large. We have a hotel room, Internet, laundry, cable, air conditioning, food stores, and Wal-Mart like shopping right next door. Just like the pioneers had, when they went west in their covered wagons!

We both had an excellent night sleep; we didn't get out of our tent until 9:00. We had breakfast at the campground and started riding. After 5 miles, got back on the Mountain Bay Rail Trail and rode it all the way to Weston, which is a suburb of Wausau. Not only did we see our second bald eagle, but also running straight at us down the trail was a badger. The Rear Admiral wanted to know what we should do. She didn't expect SeeMore to start charging at the badger! Now you youngsters out there, don't you go messing around with badgers!; but SeeMore had enough room to make a hasty retreat, so I let SeeMore forge ahead. Mr. Badger didn't know what to think, but made his own hasty retreat into the cover of the woods.

After Weston, we rode around downtown Wausau with all the cars, and SeeMore was respected. Wausau is built on hills, and from our hotel room we can see Granite Peak Ski area. We don't think Aspen or Mount Snow have too much to worry about.