25th Anniversary Tour - Day 23

07/09/2006 04:43:06 by Administrator

From: Cornell, Wisconsin
To: Amery, Wisconsin
Mileage: 87

Sing with us, "The hills are alive with the sound of music". We climbed, we sped downhill, and we climbed, and then sped downhill over and over and over again. You can NOT develop much of a pedaling rhythm riding like this. Also, look for us in the Guinness World Record Book under "most corn seen in one day by two people riding a recumbent tandem". Today's ride also allowed us to see some HUGE turkey farms.

Last night we found out that our bear jar works, at least with raccoons. Some people hang their food from tree limbs with food bags, we decided to use a bear vault from www.bearvault.com. It's a little bit heavier than using a food bag and tying it to a tree limb, but it works! In the middle of the night, we heard a crash and two raccoons yelling at each other to find something easier to get into.

We started out with an excellent breakfast at Turks Tap and Grill in beautiful downtown Cornell. After last night's meal (yikes fried food) at the only"restaurant" in Cornell, we were a little bit leery stepping into a bar at 8:00 in the morning. We sat on stools at this long bar with locals who were smoking and drinking bloody marys. Being from New Hampshire where cigarette smoking is a rare sight (while having meals), is like stepping back in time 20 years. But everyone at Turks was very friendly especially the two gals who waited on us, and grilled us with questions as we ate our breakfast.

We stopped a lot more today, eating from our supplies at roadside rest areas. The Rear Admiral cannot believe the lack of towns and retail shopping in Wisconsin. We must not be in Kansas anymore Toto. We are realizing how much we just take for granted, we don't think about the 3 grocery stores (all within 4 miles of our house, or the Wal-Mart and shopping choices all within 10 miles, while we are at home. Yesterday we traveled 80 miles and during that time we went through one town that had a small grocery store. Luckily we purchased lunch fixin's there because the next "big" town on the map with a population of approximately 80 only had two bars. Although you won't find a gas station or convenience store in any of these towns you will find at least one bar in every town and the folks inside are friendly.