25th Anniversary Tour - Day 25

07/11/2006 04:46:43 by Administrator

From: St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin
To: Milaca, Minnesota
Mileage: 85

Guess what, there is another big hill on the other side of the St. Croix River that you get to climb! I know it was not as bad as yesterday's Maple Road because my lungs remained in tact. The bottom photo is for the people in Polk county Wisconsin. This is the worst road in the 84 miles we have ridden by bike in Minnesota. Please study it carefully, and then use it as a blueprint. Even the worst road in Minnesota, is 5 times better than any Polk County road!

Remember that nice lady at the Information Booth in St. Croix Falls, who sent us up Maple Road yesterday; well she gave us GREAT information about route 37 out of Taylor Falls Minn. (THANK YOU).

We had breakfast at the Chisago Restaurant (downtown Taylor Falls Minn) in the non-smoking section, with the bible study group. After a lumberjack special breakfast for the Rear Admiral, my 3 pancakes (with peanut butter) breakfast and a little bit of religion, we climbed the hill next to the Restaurant (unmarked route 37), which lead straight up and out of town.

Today was an easy ride. Flat and SMOOTH roads, great weather, great scenery, and a tailwind put us here in Milaca at 3:00 pm. Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and as we rode we saw lots of trees, small farms, lakes and streams, and wildlife.

We also ran into 2 groups of cyclist, both going from Seattle to Bar Harbor. We were able to talk to both groups and share information. The second group consisted of 2 men and 3 women, who shared a picnic table with us in Grandy Minnesota (population 100, maybe). They started out on June 5th, and we are the first westbound touring cyclists they have seen. One of the gentlemen was a doctor from Anchorage Alaska! Both groups did not get to ride through Glacier National Park because they were too early; the "Road to the Sun" was closed. Both groups told us of being pushed across Montana because of tailwinds.

What a great enjoyable ride today!