25th Anniversary Tour - Day 26

07/12/2006 04:48:15 by Administrator

From: Milaca, Minnesota
To: Long Prairie, Minnesota
Mileage: 84

It was HOT; today it reached 93 degrees when we were having ice cream treats in downtown Swanville Minnesota. We had a south wind, which when it blew, kept us cool. We also traveled north a great deal today, so we had a tailwind during some of today's riding.

While riding we were debating on what current items we needed to toss out so we could bring new items with us like: wild life, flowers, plants, and bird books; also a pair of binoculars, but the Rear Admiral told me I can't use them when steering SeeMore.

Our opinion of Minnesota has not changed, is an excellent place to cycle. Mostly flat smooth roads, great scenery, courteous drivers and lots of wild life to keep you looking in all directions. Today the photographer captured an osprey but missed a red fox.

Our semi big event today was crossing the Mississippi River, we say semi big because we did not realize until about 1/2 mile down the road, that we crossed it. There was no sign telling us it was the Mississippi, and it wasn't any bigger than the Nashua River.

We met another couple riding the Northern Tier of the Adventure Cycling route. Two years ago they rode the Southern Tier (from California to Florida). They are in their late sixties and look fit and fresh. We spoke with them for a while, we met the nicest people riding on SeeMore!

New twist on lunch today, fresh tomatoes for our bologna sandwiches and desert was fresh blueberries!