25th Anniversary Tour - Day 27

07/13/2006 04:49:47 by Administrator

From: Long Prairie, Minnesota
To: Battle Lake, Minnesota
Mileage: 68

Off to an early start this morning in hopes of beating the heat. We were up and at the restaurant by 6:45 am. While waiting for our breakfast to arrive, the former owner of Mikey's Downtown Restaurant (downtown Long Prairie) came over to chat. He sold the restaurant that he owned and operated for over 25 years, last year. Now he comes in and "harasses" everyone (his words not ours he was really a nice friendly guy). Seems a lot of cross-country cyclist have stopped by this restaurant over the years and he told us about a few. When our breakfasts arrived, he excused himself, and we could hear him "harassing" other customers.

We are going to call Minnesota the tailwind state. The wind was blowing today from the southeast at 15 mph, and we were traveling northwest! Not much to report, it was a GREAT ride today, lots of things to look at and we had some views of what North Dakota will look like, with rolling plains. Lot more lakes and marshes, which means more birds (storks, cranes, egrets, kingfishers, bluebirds, and loons).

We are about 100 miles from Fargo, and it is forecasted to reach 102 on Saturday (in two days). So for the next few days it will be early starts and shorter days.